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Founded as a software house in 1971, Communications Software (Airline Systems) Limited won its first airline contract in 1975 with industry innovator Laker Airways in the UK, leading to the launch of the predecessor to OASES (Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System) the following year. Since our first association with the airline industry over 40 years ago, Commsoft has been continually developing its MRO IT system, now called OASES - a process that has been shaped in large part by feedback from its clients.

Reflecting back, Co-founder and Chairman of Commsoft, Gary Pollak commented “When I founded the company with my late partner Dick Rawcliffe during a cultural period of ‘Boom and Bust’, it was our vision to create a professional organisation based on principles of honesty, integrity, quality, service and friendliness that would face the test of time. I am proud that we still hold these tenets true and recognised by our many loyal customers who have honoured us with their business, trust and friendship for these many years and those who have more recently joined the Commsoft family.”

A ‘best-of-breed’ system, OASES offers an industry-leading technical sophistication whilst being intuitively user-friendly and, to allow for scalability, is structured in a modular format. At the heart of the OASES system is the Core Module which provides the essential system components that enable the operation and integration of the OASES functional modules - Continuing Airworthiness, Planning, Production, Line Maintenance, Material Management, Commercial Management and Warranty - any or all of which can be added depending on the client’s requirements.

The success of OASES is reflected in the 70+ current contracts that Commsoft has won worldwide, often in the face of stiff competition, more than doubling the customer base in the last seven years. In the last couple of years alone, the maintenance of over 100 additional aircraft was entrusted to the system. Today, the OASES community includes more than 100 aviation customers around the world, ranging from national carriers and large third-party maintenance providers to small independent operators.

The recent introduction of the OASES Private Cloud has brought the system within reach of smaller clients who are now able to benefit from the full extent of OASES functionality without the need to make a major investment in new hardware. It also means that the benefits can be made available more rapidly as the hosting infrastructure - dual redundant, geographically separate, dedicated servers - is already in place.

Other recent OASES developments include the launch of the first of a range of new OASES Mobile Apps, allowing information to be accessed anywhere, anytime. This innovation is also a good example of the close cooperation that Commsoft encourages with its client base and was just one of several improvements and developments made to OASES recently as a result of frequent customer community exchanges and detailed analysis of service requests in the highly-successful web-based OASES Servicedesk.

To support the growing global community of OASES users, Commsoft has expanded its network of offices. The company’s Head Office remains in Tiptree in Essex. As Commsoft’s Managing Director, Nick Godwin, has observed: “We aim to put Tiptree on the map beyond the famous, locally-produced jams. But in addition, there are now regional offices in Derby and other UK locations as well as an office in Australia and support partners in India, Romania and Singapore."

In celebrating over 40 years of aviation maintenance IT excellence around the globe, we can look back on a long history of technological achievement as well as forward to the ongoing development of this truly ‘best of breed’ system and an ever growing global community of OASES users.


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