OASES Mobile 3.00 Launched


Whilst the desktop still performs a valuable function for many, today’s enterprise world is run and managed from mobile devices which is why we are thrilled to announce the release of OASES Mobile 3.0 for Apple and Android devices.

Along with a complete UI overhaul, the app brings wide-ranging functionality to engineers and stores staff on the go with features including:

- Carried forward defects by aircraft
- MEL references by aircraft and chapter
- Book on and off task cards
- Part look-up and issue
- Warehouse part distribution
- Bin distribution
- Stock transfer
- Quick requirement create
- Serviceable label barcode and QR code scanning
- Stock audit creation and execution
- Shipping dispatch, receive and check in
- Serviceable label printing


Existing hosted OASES customers can download the app from their relevant appstore and use their current hosted username and password.

Apple App Store link: https://apple.co/2Ht9qDA
Google Play Store link: http://shorturl.at/in148

Customers who have their own on-prem servers should speak to their Commsoft account managers to discuss the options for accessing the new product.

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