OASES Cloud provides a hosting service for those clients who wish to benefit from the world leading functionality of OASES without the need to have their own computer hardware on-site

Commsoft provides a secure hosting service for its clients who prefer to make use of the benefits of OASES without the need to have their own hardware server on their premises. These clients are able to connect into their dedicated OASES installation via a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world that has suitable connectivity.

The security of the data is ensured by having complete duplication of data across two remote locations and continual backing up of data between these locations. We are also able to switch the provision of service from one location to another in the event of a power failure or hardware failure on one site, meaning we can maintain service with minimal disruption to clients.

Clients connect into the service using a secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection which ensures both privacy and security.


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