Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything that Commsoft does and we're happy to proclaim that we have many satisfied customers. Here you'll find some of the things they say about us and our award winning software OASES.
Alexander Kochnev, General Director
"“OASES offers VIM Airlines a flexible engineering management solution that fits the needs of our dynamic business operations.”"

- Alexander Kochnev, General Director
Ananta Widjaja, Technical Director
"“We are committed to safeguarding our brand as the most reliable and trusted name in Indonesia and the regional airline market. While we are part of rapid growth, we need to ensure our back-office processes are able to run efficiently. After a thorough evaluation, OASES met all of our core requirements for a maintenance solution that could deliver the right mix of innovation, simplicity and comprehensive information provider, keeping us as a leader in a very competitive market.”"

- Ananta Widjaja, Technical Director
Ludek Stasek, Technical Director
"“OASES was chosen over other MRO IT systems because of its flexibility and adaptability to our challenging needs. I am confident that OASES will make a major value contribution to our business operation as we work in close co-operation with the Commsoft team”."

- Ludek Stasek, Technical Director
Jan Kassak, Maintenance Director
"“In connection with the increasing number of aircraft we were looking for professional program to manage the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of our fleet. We chose the OASES as the best system which meets our requirements and provides well-arranged and logical system in all areas which are necessary for the management of engineering and maintenance.""

- Jan Kassak, Maintenance Director
Mathewos Gobena, COO
"“3Green and Aerovista offer a dynamic range of aviation support services. Collectively we need a powerful, flexible and intuitive MRO IT system that serves these diverse needs. Having evaluated many alternatives, OASES clearly is the best choice for our operation.”"

- Mathewos Gobena, COO
Branimir Vukovic, Co-Founder
"“Having seen OASES presentations many years ago, I was impressed by the professionalism of Commsoft staff and have since seen major new value-adding functional enhancements developed in OASES. These factors will allow us to approach the CAMO market with confidence.”"

- Branimir Vukovic, Co-Founder
Phillip Brown, Quality Manager
""We chose OASES because it gives us the confidence that we are using a mature and efficient product and it reinforces the way we perform to achieve the high standards we expect.""

- Phillip Brown, Quality Manager
Yuliya Kornyeva, Senior Project Manager
"Through implementing OASES, we got the leverage for our business that we needed and we also gained a new capability that we can share with our customers. First of all, we now know the fastest way to start continuous airworthiness management in the system. Also, we have ready-to-use data for popular aircraft types that we can propose to our customers and that we can use. We have a dedicated team of engineers who can verify the data and prepare the right statuses that would satisfy every auditor. And we know which questions should be asked of the team and the organization to set-up the processes and configure the system in the right way."

- Yuliya Kornyeva, Senior Project Manager
Sverre Rosmark, Director of Continuing Airworthiness
""OASES offers the right commercial and technical flexibility for NextJet’s demanding needs, supporting the tough regional marketplace in Sweden.”"

- Sverre Rosmark, Director of Continuing Airworthiness
Dennis Heinze, Director of Maintenance
"“The hosted adaptation of OASES will let us bring a whole new level of sophistication to our maintenance planning needs at Pentastar for an affordable price. For a small operator it has the potential to transform its maintenance management.”"

- Dennis Heinze, Director of Maintenance
John Williamson, SVP Technical Operations
""Commsoft’s OASES System stood out from the competition and was able to meet and exceed our tailored specification requirements for future growth and expanding aircraft portfolio. We were also very impressed with Commsoft’s support team throughout the evaluation phase and their demonstrated commitment regarding future support of OASES and very much look forward to working with them on a long term basis”"

- John Williamson, SVP Technical Operations
Arthur Lesnikovsky, Head of CAMO
""We are extremely impressed with Commsoft’s OASES and feel the software fits our specific requirements. Commsoft are able to provide us with a system that is not only highly sophisticated but also easy to use, which will be of benefit to us as we see an increase in demand for our services. OASES compliments Windrose Airlines’ business needs perfectly”."

- Arthur Lesnikovsky, Head of CAMO
Chris Spencer, Managing Director
"The commercial and technical flexibility of OASES, combined with its intuitive usability makes it ideal for supporting our various CAMO customers."

- Chris Spencer, Managing Director
Vincenzo de Laurentis, General Manager
"“Amongst all the M&E software systems extensively evaluated in our organisation, OASES was the most instinctive, ‘user friendly’ and at the same time complete and professional system that we evaluated. We consider it will be an ‘essential tool’ to carry on our operations.”"

- Vincenzo de Laurentis, General Manager
La Compagnie
"“We found OASES to be a very smart system with a lot of very practical functions that are not always present on legacy systems and the human interface is very intuitive. Thanks to the great support of the Commsoft team, the implementation and transfer of the fleet was done in less than two months after signature of the contract, all changes were audited and fully approved by the French CAA. Commsoft shares the same business ethic as La Compagnie, offering flexible commercial terms with excellent business value. The overall combination of features makes OASES a product very much in line with La Compagnie's spirit: a strong product at an affordable price.”

Yann Poudoulec, EVP Technical Director"

- La Compagnie
Patrick Akowuah, Africa World Airlines
"Patrick Akowuah of Africa World Airline Engineering Department, commented: “We selected OASES because of its user-friendly interface and flexibility to easily define and map internal engineering processes into OASES. The software is proactively adaptable, ever evolving based on needs or requirements by numerous Users."

- Patrick Akowuah, Africa World Airlines
Aleixandre Schudeck, Technical Director
"Aleixandre Schudeck, Technical Director, “We, as an airline, know how important it is to select the appropriate software tool, able to support all our different operations. After a deep analysis of the market we trust OASES will bring us the robustness of a mature tool together with enough flexibility to be adapted to our current procedures.”"

- Aleixandre Schudeck, Technical Director
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